Psychiatric Drug Treatment producing enduring Psychiatric Symptoms


    Yesterday, May 11, 2016, Robert Whitaker participated in a Parliamentary Committee in the U.K. on the use of psychiatric drugs. Mr. Whitaker presented some updated data supporting his notion that psychiatric drugs are massively overused.

Below are some of the data he presented to support this argument.

    These data show that, as antidepressant use increased, so did disability payments for disability due to mood disorders.

“Next, you find that the rate of bipolar diagnoses among adults nearly doubled from 1994 to 2003, during a period of soaring use of antidepressants. Together, these findings provide a clear causal connection: as societies increase their use of antidepressants, they can expect a marked increase in the number of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (Slide 37.)”

    There are more data sets illustrating the same thing in the original article and many more in the presentation.

   Whitaker’s well-supported point is that psychiatric drugs produce chronicity well beyond that produced by no treatment.



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