Climate Change and the Rise of Radical Islam–Conceptual Confusion and Ignorance of History

   This is not the usual liberal screed that Global Warming is causing Islamic Extremism because Global Warming isn’t happening and Islamic Extremism isn’t new. These two concerns come together in Paris in one of those coincidences fully appreciated, as usual, only by those who know the background. This short essay  is a simple examination of history which show that the hypothetical  causative factors for these phenomenon were absent when they have been manifest in the past. The Western Way of Life, supporting the academics who hate it, is to blame for neither.

    The world has been much warmer than it is now, long before the burning of fossil fuels and the Industrial Revolution. The most famous example is farming in Greenland which was terminated by the Little Ice Age. In spite of the hysterical ranting about Global Warming, temperatures have not increased for 18 years. Watch for the rhetoric to get more hysterical as the International Conference on climate change convenes in Paris. They’ll chat endlessly about greenhouse gases, but there are no greenhouse gases if there is no Global Warming. What could be simpler?

   Then we have the rise of Islamic Terrorism, attributed to the evil West. One immediate reason according to some, is the invasion of Iraq and deposing Saddam. This was a REACTION to Islamic Terrorism and, thence, could not be a cause. It wasn’t a wise reaction and, generally, Middle Eastern despots should be left alone. Regime Change is a bad idea. The other compelling evidence against modern causation is that the Sons of Allah have been slaughtering non-believers for centuries. The Nazis did it, the Japanese did it. Slaughtering those unblessed by membership in the superior group is the hallmark of many movements throughout history. This link is for modern attacks

   Muslims and Christians have been fighting for 1400 years. Not new. Not caused by Old White Men of the West.


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