The Liberal Fallacy About ISIS–It’s Something We Said


   Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives. It’s not their money, of course they’ll waste it.

  The strict gun laws of the European Union disarmed the victims, but didn’t seem to affect the firepower of the murderers.  Not one victim fired back.

    Bobby Jindal has left the race for the Republican candidate for President. He’s a smart man, far superior to any Democratic contender,  and I hope he gets another chance in 2020.

   Wherein we see a liberal belief. Miscreants are forced to act by the words heaped upon them by non-liberals.

Obama call GOP rhetoric on Syrian refugees a ‘potent recruitment tool for ISIL’
By David Nakamura and Juliet Eilperin

MANILA, Philippines — President Obama on Wednesday angrily accused Republicans of feeding into the Islamic State’s strategy of casting the United States as waging war on Muslims, saying the GOP’s rhetoric has become the most "potent recruitment tool" for the militant group.

Obama was responding to recent calls from Republicans, including presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), to block Syrian refugees’ entrance into the United States. Bush and Cruz have suggested welcoming Christian refugees, but not those who are Muslims.

"I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric coming out of here in the course of this debate," Obama said during a news conference at a leadership summit here, using an acronym for the Islamic State.

The president said that the group "seeks to exploit the idea that there’s war between Islam and the West, and when you start seeing individuals in position of responsibility suggesting Christians are more worthy of protection than Muslims are in a war-torn land that feeds the ISIL narrative."

Obama’s sharp words, delivered during his stop at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit here, underscored the enormous chasm between the president’s approach to upheaval in the Mideast and those of Republicans, some of whom are seeking their party’s presidential nomination next year. The president has pledged to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year, but the fact that a Syrian passport was recovered from one of the assailants killed Friday during the terrorist strikes in Paris has prompted many GOP politicians to call for a halt to any such plan.


    Apparently, the folks perpetrating these atrocities are like the Kiwanis Club from Kansas and are only reacting to provocation from the uncaring. This is exactly parallel to the liberal notion of criminality–people are criminals because of discrimination and lack of economic opportunity. Law breaking is a result of external forces and lack of social justice. These people haven’t met many criminals.

   Most criminals I have known come from an active criminal culture where crime is celebrated and honored. Criminality is required in these cultures, not accidental or a result of external force.

   Thousands of Muslim schools relentlessly teach hatred of the West specifically and generally, hatred of those who are different. Once superiority is established, members of other groups become sub-humans and can be treated any way it suits the Ubermensch. Trying to placate the aggressors has never worked and never will. The West tried it with Hitler and Stalin. How well did that work out, one might ask?

Government Job or Respect–Which’ll It Be?
Cheerio and ttfn,
Grant Coulson, Ph.D.
Author, “Power Teaching: How to Find Someone to Teach Your Child when the Education System has Failed.”
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