Islamic Terrorism Is Our Fault—Bernie Sanders

     Sins for which the Mujahedin have executed dhimmis:

Vacationing in Egypt
Shopping in Nairobi
Going to work in New York
Flying in an airplane in the U.S.
Riding a train in Madrid
Riding a bus in London
Attending a wedding in Amman
Guarding a Canadian memorial
Praying in an unapproved mosque
Being Jewish
Visiting a nightclub in Bali
Going to school in Russia
Going to school in Peshawar
Drawing cartoons
Being a Wall Street Journal reporter in Pakistan
Practicing free speech in Bangladesh
Being a French engineer in Pakistan
Working in a bank in Istanbul
Riding a ferry in the Philippines
Drinking coffee in Mumbai
Making a movie critical of the treatment of women in Islam
Publishing bibles in Turkey
Sleeping in a hotel in Islamabad
Standing outside a military recruitment station in Little Rock
Praying in a church in Egypt
Shopping for Christmas presents in Sweden
Buying fish in Nigeria
Making a pilgrimage in Iraq
Watching the Boston Marathon
Being a Christian girl in Nigeria
Sunbathing in Tunisia
Practicing journalism

   Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives. It’s not their money, of course they’ll waste it.

    This person wants to be President of the U.S. Curious.

He Said WHAT??? Bernie Sanders Blames THIS For International Terrorism
Terresa Monroe-HamiltonSunday, November 15, 2015

May I just say, huh? This is sheer nonsense from Bernie Sanders. It makes no sense and he knows it. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Bernie Sanders is blaming climate change for ISIS’ murderous ways. You’ve got to be kidding me. They are killing people because they are psychotic religious zealots. They don’t give a flying rip about whether it is too hot or too cold, you nimrod. This happened last night at the second Democrat debate. I can’t believe anyone watched the snoozefest to begin with, but it was evidently wacky. Yep, the CIA touted climate change. Hardly surprising as Obama has gutted the agency and populated it with Marxists. They spout propaganda just like all the other government agencies these days. While Sanders is pushing climate change as the greatest terrorist threat out there, ISIS is slaughtering people across the globe. Talk about a disconnect from reality.


   The CIA pushing Climate Change, pretty strange for an agency with Intelligence in its name, but it’s a government outfit.

From Rare:

    One of the more puzzling moments from the Democratic presidential candidates debate on Saturday came when Senator Bernie Sanders seemed to blame climate change for terrorism.

    “Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism,” Sanders said. “And if we do not get our act together and listen to what the scientists say, you’re going to see countries all over the world—this is what the CIA says—they’re going to be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops, and you’re going to see all kinds of international conflict.”


    Bernie is a genius, this explains Islamic expansion into Spain long ago. No it doesn’t.

    “But of course international terrorism is a major issue that we have got to address today,” he added.

In a moronic move, arriving just hours after reports surfaced that Sanders’ aides were upset that the debate would now focus heavily on foreign policy, Sanders shifted from discussing the bloodbath in France to delivering his token economic stump speech. Pushing the meme of Marxism for all and promising free this and that, he played to the morally bankrupt and the ‘me first club.’ That’s what Sanders always does. He’s a communist, what did you expect? Then Sanders really stepped in it: “But let me have one area of disagreement with the Secretary. I think she said something like the bulk of the responsibility is not ours. Well, in fact, I would argue that the disastrous invasion of Iraq, something that I strongly opposed, has unraveled the region completely and led to the rise of Al-Qaeda and to ISIS. Now, in fact, what we have got to do—and I think there is widespread agreement here—is the United States cannot do it alone. What we need to do is lead an international coalition which includes very significantly the Muslim nations in that region who are going to have to fight and defend their way of life.” Now it makes sense why Sanders’ camp didn’t want him blathering on foreign policy. Instead of fighting our Islamic enemies, he still wants to cuddle them, even as they are slaughtering people. If anyone other than Allah is responsible for ISIS, it is Obama and Hillary for the Libya mess and it is people like Sanders who are making it much worse and more deadly.


   History according to a Marxist–the West is responsible for every mess in the world, even before the U.S. was a world power or inhabited by those awful Caucasians.

Government Job or Respect–Which’ll It Be?
Cheerio and ttfn,
Grant Coulson, Ph.D.
Author, “Power Teaching: How to Find Someone to Teach Your Child when the Education System has Failed.
Cui Bono–Cherchez les Contingencies


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