The Second Paris Attack

Incompetence is always a better explanation than conspiracy.

The Global Warming crazies are going to have a helluva time going to Paris–of all places– and tell us dummies that the biggest threat to mankind is Climate Change now, aren’t they?

The liberals have a plan to end the violence. They’re going to get us all to join hands, sing Kumbaya and remember that killing dhimmis is just a quirky manifestation of acceptable, although culturally different, behavior which must be, not only tolerated, but celebrated as cultural diversity.

The way to deal with enemies is to strike them until they stop striking you.

“Sophisticated” Europeans have disarmed themselves so they wouldn’t be like those rude Americans. In Texas, a couple of Soldiers of Allah, armed with automatic rifles, were assigned to their Everlasting Reward by a policeman with a pistol. Can’t have that level of violence in avant-garde places.

And what about “No immigrant has ever been involved in a terrorist attack?” Are they still going to ask us to believe that?


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