Liberal Legacy in Canada

   A little bit of justice.

A Neonatologist is someone trained in caring for newborns at high risk.

   Those who believe they should control the lives of others are the least able to do it.

Pierre Trudeau 1919-2000

    Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada for over 15 years during the 1968-1984 period with a small break when he was voted out. He inspired the same kind of rock star attention that his son did just recently. Justin, his son, was recently made Prime Minister of Canada. Justin won undoubtedly due in large part because of his lineage.

    Trudeau the Elder was born into a rich family and was brought up in an era when socialism was all the rage. Although he of military age and drafted for service, he avoided contact with the enemy by simply during so poorly in his officer  training that he was “washed out” as unsuitable. The passive-aggressive failure would protect him from any question of cowardice. By all contemporary accounts, he believed himself above the bloody and dangerous clamor of war. Coward is my guess. While he was Prime Minister, his dislike for the military was quite evident.

    The second factor that strikes me about Pierre was his attendance at the London School of Economics when socialism was held in such high regard in Britain. Theoretically, socialism was to produce a high standard of living, egalitarianism and Nirvana in general. It produced, as always, a low standard of living and privilege for the few. The London School was pervaded with Keynesianism which believe that the state was wise, the market stupid.

   Pierre Trudeau brought these notions with him when he became Prime Minister involving the government in everything he could. During this frenzied period of expansion, the government borrowed so freely that, for the first and only time, there was talk of the Government of Canada defaulting on its loans. Deficit financing, according to Keynes, is a good thing. All of these notions, resting on the primacy of government, have been discredited, but politicians care more for theory than data and politics is about evoking emotions, not  making rational decisions.

   In sum, Pierre Trudeau avoided danger, loved big government and was fiscally irresponsible and, on this legacy, his son was elected Prime Minister. Hope and change. Sound familiar?

   Canadian forces have been put on notice that Canada will stop opposing ISIS. I predict that, at international conferences, Canada’s representatives will start  going on about “greenhouse gasses” and “imminent threat to mankind’s survival” and the rest of liberal cant.


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