Post-modernism versus Islam

      Wherein we see why the war declared upon the West by the Third Jihad will be difficult to win. The first is that the leaders of the West are without the kind of principles needed and the second is the slippery nature of the foe.

      This analysis is from Sam Holliday’s book cited below.

   The first is the lack of principle evidenced by the President of the United States. Barack Obama is a perfect example of the post-modern man.

“What is postmodernism? It includes all efforts to deconstruct the concepts, institutions, roles, rules, and standards associated with traditional Western culture. It often stresses subjectivity and claims that objectivity is an illusion (created by “dead, white, Western men”) used to maintain patriarchal societies and to oppress females, the disadvantaged, and people in less developed countries. Postmodernism is at the heart of most antiwar movements.

“Since the 1960s, it has resulted in a cultural struggle within Western civilization, and has affected the lives of all Americans and Europeans. Belief, national identity, and patriotism were prime targets of postmodernists. Although postmodernists accept the scientific method, they stress feelings and emotions rather than facts and reason. Postmodernism visualizes “progress” toward a new ideal postmodern culture that is nonjudgmental, nondiscriminatory, in which disagreements are resolved by debate and compromise— but never by the use of force. In 2014, postmodern thought shapes the views of most of the intellectuals, academics, and the media in Europe and America.”

    Obama has no principles except for the primacy of government and the incorrect nature of the assumptions that are the building blocks of Western culture.

  The second component is the nature of the other side.

“Today this fallacy can be observed in the actions of those who consider Islam a peaceful religion. There are a few Muslims who consider the inner jihad the only legitimate teaching of Islam. For those Muslims, Islam is indeed a religion of peace. For them, Islam is a struggle by an individual to free himself from the baser instincts; it is a religion of personal salvation, redemption, and peace. However, most Muslims believe in Shari’a, the outer jihad, and an authoritarian legal and political ideology.”


     After the 9/11 attacks, the media was full of the “true meaning of jihad” as an inner struggle, far removed from smiting unbelievers.  One day, the media will get something correct which requires study, thought and knowledge. I will be really astonished when this happens.

“These are the Islamists or “true believers” who support the Third Jihad. For them, lying to nonbelievers is not only acceptable, it is expected, according to taqiyah. For them, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” is only a deception to neutralize nonbelievers. To consider Shari’a a religion deserving protection under the US Constitution would be a fallacy of the highest order. Most Muslims believe to some extent in the outer jihad as taught by Muhammad, which requires all nonbelievers to submit or be killed. They might not engage in violent activity, but they will not openly oppose those who do.”

Holliday, Sam C. (2015-01-23). Forgotten: Ideological Conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan (Kindle Locations 1305-1309). BookLogix. Kindle Edition.

   If you think that this is frightening and overblown, it is frightening, but not overblown.


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