Ironies of Existence

    The Third Caliphate

In 1979, the Third Jihad started in Iran with the Shah being overthrown by Islamists led by Ayatollah Khomeini. It was given focus in February 1998 with a fatwa, which declared war on America and its allies. The Third Jihad is just another effort by Islamists to establish the Great Caliphate— in which everyone is governed by “the ways of the Prophet.” The Muslim “true believers”
Holliday, Sam C. (2015-01-23). Forgotten: Ideological Conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan (Kindle Locations 263-267). BookLogix. Kindle Edition.

                         Our Tax Dollars in Action

   Yesterday, one of our students told us that his school had arranged for the baseball game featuring the Texas Rangers versus the Blue Jays to be shown in the gymnasium during school hours. Hmm. Watching sports must be on the curriculum in education school. Must be a tough course.



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