Striking At Enemies


“Any kind of war short of jihad was, is, and will be unpopular with the people. Because such wars are fought with legions, and Americans, even when proud of them, do not like their legions. They do not like to serve in the, nor even to allow them to be what they must.

“For legions have no ideological or spiritual home in the liberal society. The liberal society has no use or need for legions–as its prophets have long proclaimed.

“Except that in this world are tigers.”

From the book, This Kind of War: The classic Korean War history. T.R. Fehrenbach., Potomac Books, 1963.

“God and the soldier, we adore,
  In times of danger,
  Not before.
  The danger past,
  And all things righted,
  God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.”

    If one has enemies, one must strike them until the enemy is destroyed or until he stops trying to destroy you. 

  In the quote above, jihad means a crusade embraced by a group of people, sometime by a country. This book was published in 1963 and usage was somewhat different, but the message is the same. If there are tigers, and there always are tigers. the tigers must be hunted and killed.


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