The 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain

    During May and June the German Army had defeated, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and sent the British Army back to the home island. Britain’s first line of defense became the Royal Air Force.

   The Battle will be commemorated by a fly-past of 40 Hurricanes and Spitfires, the largest assembly of these aircraft since World War 2 and likely never to be repeated. While the British remember, there is no mention in the rest of the world.

    During the Battle, the British had a plan and equipment, including radar and plotting boards to allow the efficient interception of the Germans. The Teutons, on the other hands, were unorganized and planless. They had intimidated the Dutch into surrender and bombed Warsaw without retaliation and thought the Brits would give up. Hitler was floating peace offers which Churchill ignored.

    Both sides overclaimed during the Battle with the Germans at 334% of actual losses and the British at 155%. The Deutsch were on the brink of victory, according to themselves, at several points because of their overclaiming. In the end, the Germans went to bombing British cities by night and day until May, 1941 when they turned their attention to Russia. Attacks on Britain continued until 1945 from both manned aircraft and the V1 and V2 with the last attacks in late March, 1945.

      The official date of the Battle was September 15, 1940, although daylight attacks continued until the end of October. On the 15th, the British originally claimed 185 aircraft, although 60 were actually brought down. In any event, the Germans eventually stopped their major attacks and the British had prevailed.

     Very few human events are as they are presented, but the Battle of Britain was a struggle between good and evil and always will be. We are what we are today because of brave men. This was one of their triumphs.


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