The New Ice Age Cometh



    These are data and projections from an article by  Habibullo Abdussamatov. Everything to the left of the double-red arrow is data—everything to the right projection. Note that we have already entered, by data,  the Global Cooling period. I feel so sorry for the eco-hysterics. The only thing left for them is to tell us they knew it all along. They will not give back the money spent on carbon taxes, wind power, solar power, biomass and etc. More importantly, they won’t take back the guilt and finger-wagging. Global Cooling, you may have heard it here first, but don’t forget you heard it. Watch the continued Dance of the Dunces as they perform the declining Arctic Ice,  rising oceans,  desertification, coastal flooding, horror steps.

   I always expected them to be wrong, but this wrong?


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