Why Politicians Should Never Run Anything–Part 17a

  Do not think about, write about or deal https://grantcoulson.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/incentiveseverywherepicturecorrect1.jpg?w=444&h=288with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.

     Wherein we see that a government dedicated to the hysteria of Global Warming and energy “efficiency” took a concept which seemed reasonable and then, wasted money. This is not mismanagement, it’s inevitable, based on the rule, “It’s not their money, naturally, they’re going to waste it.”

Matt Gurney: Ontario Liberals blow another billion, but hey. Life’s complicated, right?

A report released this week by the Ontario Auditor-General, Bonnie Lysyk, has found that the province’s hydro sector is an even bigger disaster than widely believed. The latest debacle: Ms. Lysyk found  — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — that a billion public dollars have been spent while failing to accomplish the goal.

It’s not ehealth records, or even cancelled power plants. This time, it’s smart meters — technology that had to be installed on all Ontario homes to monitor their electricity usage. By introducing lower rates for hydro at times of the day when demand was lower, the province hoped to ease the burden on Ontario’s outdated power grid, while also promising consumers that with a few minor lifestyle tweaks, they could save some money on their (steadily climbing) power bills.


     The bills are climbing in part because of solar and wind energy. A wasted 10 billion has to come from somewhere.

The problem, of course, is that it didn’t work. Smart meters were supposed to cost $1-billion. Ms. Lysyk found the actual cost is closer to $2-billion. They were supposed to reduce consumption. That hasn’t happened, either. And, well … are you really surprised that ratepayers aren’t saving any coin?


    Thence, the 2 billion was wasted. Or, as they say in government circles, a successful program.

The plan always seemed suspect. There’s nothing wrong with leveraging technology to improve the delivery of public services. Ontario’s fragile grid could use the help. But the Ontario Liberals, as is their norm, instead of telling the public that it would cost some money to make a modest upgrade to the grid, sold the province a fairy tale of low startup costs, pain-free implementation and savings for all.

There were plenty who raised the alarm early, objecting to the added costs of the smart meters on their bill or asking the (entirely fair) question about how anyone was supposed to save any money by shifting the most power-intensive household tasks to the middle of the night. How many people feel like getting up at 3 a.m. to pop a roast into their electric oven and get the washer and dryer running?

Even so, this is worse than expected. A billion bucks over budget, no reduction in power useage, no savings for consumer.

The Liberals, of course, quickly found a way to make this even worse for themselves, when Bob Chiarelli, the energy minister, brushed off Ms. Lysyk’s findings.”The electricity system is very complex. It’s very difficult to understand,” he explained.

Mr. Chiarelli is being slammed for the comments, which some critics contend are sexist. His tone did have something of a “Run along, little lady,” vibe to it, it’s true. But it doesn’t need to be sexist. We can give the Minister the benefit of the doubt there and still conclude that the comments were, even if not sexist, extremely stupid.


     They waste 2 billion and the emphasis is on sexism. The perfect liberal example of misdirection.

Government Job or Respect–Which’ll It Be?
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