Canadian Heroes—Patrice Vincent, Nathan Cirillo

   Two native-born Canadians, embracing the “religion of peace” have killed two Canadian soldiers, Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo, in the last few days. I salute these men and the  unidentified soldier injured in the vehicular attack in the parking lot which killed Patrice Vincent. These men  stood between me and the brutality of a movement which goes back 1400 years. The Moslem world is not unitary and the murders represent the fringe of the fringe, native-born Canadians who turned to pointless terrorism. These critters will never face the Western World in a well-defined war which they would lose resoundingly. An ambush in a parking lot and a shot in the back. In their world, this is honorable. Rest in peace to the heroes. Gratitude for your sacrifice. Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.

   That fusillade of shots which marked the end of the gunman indicates that Canada has not lost its martial character. It appears that 58 year old Kevin Vickers, sergeant at arms,  was the first one to hit the killer.


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