Universities Continue To Astound—Scholarships For Videogaming


   Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.

   In the proud tradition of universities, we present the following. I’m expecting world peace and an end to world hunger and corruption with this exciting development.

Home » Daily » Chicago university becomes first to recognize video gaming as a varsity sport
Chicago university becomes first to recognize
video gaming as a varsity sport

Oct 7, 2014 by External Resource

When Youngbin Chung, 20, was a teenager he spent a worrying ten-hours-a-day playing the video game League of Legends in his San Francisco bedroom.

Such was his addiction to the game that his parents feared he would fail his high school diploma.

Little did they know his passion for gaming would lead, a few years later, to a $15,000 a year scholarship at a private university in Chicago


   Private institutions are not above making these errors.

He now leads a team of headset-wearing players into virtual battle in a darkened room at the Robert Morris University, as part of his computer networking course.

‘I never thought in my life I’m going to get a scholarship playing a game,” said Chung, one of 35 students attending Robert Morris University on the school’s first-in-the-nation video game scholarship.

Once regarded as anti-social slackers or nerds in a basement, gamers have become megastars in what are now called esports. In professional leagues, they compete for millions of dollars in prizes and pull in six-figure incomes for vanquishing their enemies in what have become huge spectator events packing tens of thousands into sports stadiums around the world.

Games have evolved from the days of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong into something much more complex. They demand hyper mental acuity and involve multiple players communicating with each other in teams, plotting strategy, predicting opponents’ moves and reacting in milliseconds.

Robert Morris, a not-for-profit university with about 3,000 students, believes those are not so different from the skills one uses on a football field or a basketball court and that spending money to recruit these students, too, will enrich campus life and add to its ranks of high-achieving graduates.

    Universities continue to teach useful skills.

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