Liberals Continue To Fail

    My jurisdiction, Ontario, has elected for the fourth time in a row, a fiscally irresponsible, terminally trendy provincial government. During its tenure, this government has run up per capita deficits three times greater than California, another dying jurisdiction. Hydro rates under the pretend green strategy–where are the green jobs?–have skyrocketed. The deficit, in spite of promises, has increased far beyond anything reasonable. Voters appear to believe that health care, education and social services are sacrosanct. Health care will crumble, as all inclusive health systems will crumble. The educational system is run by jobs for life bureaucrats as a really expensive IQ test. The social services are run on the basis of whim and theory. All of these enterprises will continue to increase the number of administrators with the consequent decrease in efficiency.

    People get the government they deserve. Alas, I also get the government they deserve. Don’t blame me, I voted Libertarian.

    Fiscal responsibility is like air. It’s the last thing you want to lose. If one doesn’t  have fiscal soundness, nothing else matters.

     Looking forward to more real enterprise fleeing the jurisdiction, more government meddling, higher taxes, more preaching, higher electricity rates, more civil servants and a lowered standard of living. Good times.


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