Why People Believe In The Socialist Failures


     Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.

     “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide." – Ayn Rand

    Today’s topic concerns the reasons that humans overwhelmingly believe in socialism in spite of socialism’s unbroken record of failure and capitalism’s unbroken record of success. This belief is so universal and so immune to contradiction, that it puzzles everyone except the true believers in government who have such  strong convictions that evidence is not only unnecessary, but always irrelevant.

       Here is my current list, in no particular order:

1. The belief is so universal it is apparently innate. As Peter Foster points out, we have gone from  cave dwellers to industrialization in a period of time which is a small percentage of human history. We are not equipped for modern life.

2. The identification of capitalism with corrupt exploitation of the masses. This kind of horror always occurs with some kind of government corruption. Otherwise, people are free to be without exploitation. Capitalism, or more properly, free enterprise, is the provision of something consumers want without external aid to the producer.

3. Capitalism is dog eat dog, relentless conflict. In reality, free enterprise requires unforced cooperation.

4. Some things are “too important” to be left to the vagaries of the market. Education, for example, must be government run. Anyone who has any familiarity with public education knows that it is an extended, very expensive IQ test, unrelated to teaching anyone anything. All public activities become sinkholes for money and examples of inefficiency.

5. Only a very small number of people can distinguish between INTENTION and RESULT. The most remarkably irrelevant and untrue things are said during political campaigns with arguments about INTENTIONS not RESULTS.

6. Most of those who are successful in free enterprise do not articulate the principles under which they operate. They do not need to be able to state their operating principles or the conditions needed to be successful.

7. Paradoxically, many of the people who do well in free enterprise are “agin it.” Most Hollywooders are a perfect example. They love government although government involvement in entertainment would mean the end of them.

      Strange thing, Human Nature, ain’t it. People seem to want to give up successful lives to be impoverished in the arms of government.

Government Job or Respect–Which’ll It Be?
Cheerio and ttfn,
Grant Coulson, Ph.D.
Author, “Days of Songs and Mirrors: A Jacobite in the ‘45.”
Cui Bono–Cherchez les Contingencies


4 Responses to “Why People Believe In The Socialist Failures”

  1. pheonixfound Says:

    What is this? Unlimited capitalism never works. What has been most successful since the origins of capitalism in the 17th century is a thing called a regulated market. Look to the East Asian Tigers, Norway, Finland are also good examples. Quoting Anne Rand doesn’t support your arguments, just says to me that you like fiction. Unlimited capitalism is an effective empty world model, but today? Open your eyes.

    • Grant Coulson Says:

      Trenchant criticisms. I often wonder if such folks have ever had to meet a payroll or deal with the regulating government workers of whom they are so fond. Cheers

      • pheonixfound Says:

        Indeed yes. People are often many things through their lives. We’re not in the fifties anymore and wishing for its return will not make it so. Seriously though, if you’re seeking an understanding of the political and economic systems in which we live, you do need to let your gaze drift offshore. Encounter how other countries have managed capitalism, uncover the successes and failures. Of course you’ve missed the biggest things that governments have created, Charles Tilly in the eighties wrote an excellent paper on this, although admittedly in a mostly European content. Nice to be having a chat.

  2. John Says:

    All government and economic systems are created by flawed human beings. Thus, all systems will be flawed too. The people we elect often view themselves as flawless and intellectually superior to the masses. This is scary stuff. This is why the government and people we elect to run it need the strictest restrictions.

    Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Nationalists, etc., are all fooling themselves. Belief in government denies history. It is the government that has always become the oppressor. Every empire that has existed, fell apart because their governments got to big and to powerful.

    Human beings have not changed. We love freedom when it comes to our own, but fear the freedom of others. Human beings have always tried to control what others do. This is a rejection of our founding principles. The people we elect have given in to the lust for power. Everything they do is designed to control others, not help others. The humanitarian aspects are a con. Dependency on the government, your fellow citizens, or a individual is not freedom or independence. It is enslavement.

    People on the left often claim capitalism doesn’t work. America hasn’t had a true form of capitalism or free-market( which really isn’t the same as capitalism), since the early 1900s. The Federal Reserve started the destruction. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, along with plenty of help from Republicans too, finished it off.

    The economy is not a machine. The government can’t turn a knob, or push a button and fix things. A market is like a calm lake. Government regulation or intervention is like a rock thrown into it. The ripples don’t go in just one direction, they go off in many. Any attempt to control the market( which is what regulations and interventions amount to) require more interference to respond to the consequences, both intended and unintended( there always is). The end result is just crony capitalism. Most regulation or crafted by the industries we are trying to regulate( this goes back to FDR). The purpose of the regulation is to hurt competition.

    Socialism, Communism, Marxism, etc., fail because someone always wants the power. The end up controlled by a single dictator, or many. The end result is death in various brutal ways. These ideologies require a totalitarian police state to enforce them. The equality and fairness these Utopias hope for, never take place.

    These ideologies will never fully take place in America. We have a mixed economy, as do most countries. Americans will never give up their individual freedom. Any attempt to make them with a totalitarian approach will bring another revolutionary war.

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