Why Governments Should Never Run Anything–Part 413

    Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.

    It was said of Errol Flynn that, “You can depend on Errol, he will always let you down.” One can depend on government enterprises, they will always cost much more than private ones.

   Isn’t it wonderful that when politicians decide something is a sacred social good such as education, electricity and poverty the cost becomes ever higher and it becomes more sacred?

Frustration with Hydro One bill ‘insanity’

Frustration with Hydro One bill ‘insanity’
By Antonella Artuso    ,Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

TORONTO – An Etobicoke senior whose annual hydro bill on his Georgian Bay island cottage has hit $7,000 says something needs to be done about Hydro One and smart meters.

“It’s getting to the point where I’m probably going to have to sell the cottage,” Walter Szwez, 70, said Tuesday. “It’s insanity.”

Sun Media readers from across the province have been sending in their Hydro One horror stories following Tuesday’s announcement by Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin that his investigators would probe the utility’s billing practices and customer service.

One Hydro One customer in Brampton said she was afraid to get February’s bill.

Clients complained of “staggering” increases in their bills, faulty readings, high delivery charges for cottages, missing bills, and polite but unhelpful customer service.

Szwez said his cottage is fully insulated to an R-2000 standard, has no air conditioning and is unoccupied for half the year.

He installed electric baseboard heaters — something he now regrets — but they’re kept at 8C to 10C throughout the winter.


    Ask the Elite and they will explain, with logic only someone dead would understand, that Global Warming is causing colder winters.

His initial annual bills from Hydro One were in the $3,600 to $4,000 range but they pretty much doubled after a smart meter was installed.

Hydro One began sending him letters warning him to expect large bills.


   Smart meters charge more for electricity used in peak consumption hours.

“Can you image $7,000 to heat a cottage that nobody goes there for six months of the year?” Szwez said, adding he contacted his local MPP but never got an answer to his complaint.

“I made a little bit of money in my lifetime because I worked three jobs at one time … I raised three sons and I’ve got six grandchildren and we go up there in the summertime to enjoy the fruits of my labour and the fruits of this wonderful country,” he said.

“This cannot continue. There is something wrong with these (smart) meters. And nobody’s going to admit to it.”


   How do you like socialism so far?

   I doubt this has much to do with smart meters. The price of electricity in Ontario has been rising for years. Although the politicians pretend it isn’t, electricity is a public utility run by the government which means it’s inefficient, provides a nice living for the government employees and generally has a public relations campaign which pretends it’s sacred. Government has nothing to do with the successful provision of electricity in thousands of jurisdictions throughout the history of the world. In Ontario, electricity generation has always had the feel and reality of Soviet collectivism. The majority pays and the privileged are, well, privileged with higher wages, rich benefits, and pensions so rich, they must be paid out of current revenue.

Gerd von Rundstedt, when commanding the German forces in the West after the Normandy invasion, passed on a request of one of his commanders to withdraw from the range of naval gunfire. When informed this could not be done, on Hitler’s orders, he was asked what else they could do instead. “Make peace, you fools.” he said.

    There is only one thing one can do in the face of escalating government costs in a necessary service, “Privatize, you fools.”

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