Academics–Wrong Again or Still Wrong?

    Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.

    Wherein we see more nonsense from the academy, This time it’s about equality. Academics always talk about equality of outcome, never equality of effort. People who pretend to be experts never are.

Total Equality and Approaching Paradise
David Risselada

As a student in the social sciences I once had a professor who claimed that through the field of social work a utopian paradise could be created. One in which all people were totally equal and no one experienced any discrimination, we were all equally prosperous thanks to left wing redistribution and of course, we all lived happily ever after in this liberal la-la land. The desire to create this utopia was driven by their belief that the United States is the world’s oppressor where the desire for riches and prestige rule the hearts of our “white male” dominated society.  In fact through five years of so called higher education I never heard one reference to the United States being a free country where equality meant one individual was as free to pursue that which made him happy as another. The right to “pursue” happiness is not good enough for America’s left wing; they feel they have the ability to force their version of happiness upon us. They believe that by forcing their ideas of what it means to live in a free society, their ideas of what it means to live in a society where all men are created equal they will be bring us to this promised utopia where there is no suffering because there is no competition. There is no need to be the best because we are the same. It’s as if the left has this deeply embedded disdain for the U.S. because we have been the world’s richest nation, the world’s greatest superpower; though Rush Limbaugh has said this on numerous occasions it can’t be said enough.  The left wing liberals in this country believe that we have acquired this status unfairly by oppressing the rest of the world.  You don’t need to listen to Rush to realize the depth of this reality, just major in liberal arts at your local university.


   These are the people who masquerade as the intelligentsia.

How is this journey to utopia working out for us? How well are the Marxists actually implementing policies that will see us to this egalitarian paradise? Every day we see the debate rage between conservatism and liberalism and the liberals, seem for all practical purposes, to be winning the debate because they hide behind one key word that they claim all of their policies are based on. It doesn’t even matter how much of a dismal failure they are, this one word allows them to hide behind their failures time and time again. This one word is compassion. They claim that the good intentions behind their policies are what are really important no matter how badly they have failed or are hurting other people, and the liberals that support these types of politicians eat it up over and over. By teaching the leftist worldview in our Universities and by using teaching methods that draw on emotions and use words that draw reactions, the left ensures that its voting base will remain ignorant to the facts at hand and will make decisions based on feelings instead of logic. This is exactly how the left is still able to convince a vast majority of Americans that their health care law is good and not an abysmal failure. Again, the question must be asked; how is this working for us?

No where has this never ending quest for total equality been more prevalent than the feminist movement. By making the claim that the world we live in is a male dominated society where men view women as nothing more than “objects” to project their desires upon, the left has been able to make great progress in fundamentally transforming the world in which we live.  To be clear, there is nothing wrong with a woman expecting to be paid the same as men if they are performing the same job. This isn’t the type of feminism I am speaking of. I am speaking of the type that virtually turns women against their very purpose, and that is being a mother to their children. The left wing communists in our society have turned motherhood into one of the methods by which the male dominated society oppresses women. It’s been a very successful tactic as well. This is evident by the sheer number of women fighting for their rights to be able to murder their unborn children. This is kind of akin to the arguments I have made concerning white privilege and so called “reverse racism.” Here, I am simply suggesting that a women’s role as mother in our society has traditionally been a cherished one, yet as I argue this point, women are demanding the unimpeded right to abortion. According to liberal logic, my view of women is oppressive while their view of abortion and breaking free form the stereotypical role women are expected to play is liberating. The left has been able to accomplish this by using terms like “gender oppression” and “societal norms.”

What many women who have found themselves enamored by the feminist movement fail to realize is that it was started as a communist plot specifically designed to destroy the traditional, nuclear family structure.  The left has long known that the easiest way to break our moral compass is to destroy the nuclear family. By using tactics that convince women to view themselves as oppressed victims, the communists created a lifelong ally in their fight to fundamentally transform the United States. Betty Friedan is known to be the founder of the feminist movement and she was an avowed communist who had many ties to the activities of The Communist Party in the United States. Her book, “The Feminist Mystique” sold millions of copies by convincing women that their lives were little more than “comfortable concentration camps” in which they were the victims of oppression in a sexist, male dominated society. This is all being done in the name of equality and compassion for societies lesser privileged citizens of course.


    Nothing appeals to some people more than the notion that their position in life is not their fault. “I’ve failed, now I must find someone to blame.”

How well is this working out for us? Where has this insane ideology brought us? Well it can certainly be argued that the traditional idea of mom and dad having separate but equal roles to play in raising children has all but been destroyed.  The virtue that went along with being a respectable mother is now nothing but a laughing stock as many of today’s women are more likely to seek abortion clinics upon hearing that they are pregnant and finally this attempt to gain a complete equal footing with men is putting the lives of many women in danger as our military is being forced by the feminists in our government to drop their standards and allow women to serve in the infantry and special forces.

The Marine Corps announced this week that a vast majority of their female recruits can’t even do one pull-up. By January first of 2014 female marine recruits were supposed to be able to complete three full pull ups by the end of basic training. This deadline has been delayed because of their failure to do so. Look, I am not saying that there aren’t female marines who can’t compete with men, believe me, when I was a marine I knew a few hard core female marines. This doesn’t change the fact that most women cannot; and by forcing this socially engineered equality upon us they are endangering the lives of not only the females who can’t meet the standards, but those that have to serve with them as well. What about the children of women who join the service as a means of supporting their families? How compassionate is it to send a woman who can’t do one pull up into a combat zone?  There are those out there who would call me a male chauvinist simply for asking such a question. The liberals call this utopia, they call this equality.

Like so many other liberal programs that are designed to bring societies oppressed victims on equal footing with their white male oppressors, this one is destined to fail. Of course, once you understand that it is designed to fail it makes more sense. By continually teaching Americans they are oppressed victims they are able to bring them to the table and accept radical new ideas that convince them they are aiding in the creation of the promised communist utopia.


   These utopias are characterized by two characteristics. The first is that there is always the emergence of a ruling class which lives in much greater material comfort than those they “help.” The second is that the standard of living always declines as incentives are distorted. Who wouldn’t want these inevitable consequences of equality?

Cheerio and ttfn,
Grant Coulson
Cui Bono–Cherchez les Contingencies

    Below, we have the “scientific” expedition to study Global Warming stuck in the summer Antarctica ice. Hunh.

Global Warming Irony


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