Free Enterprise—Income Equality—Government Control—Reduced Prosperity

   Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.

    The current Democrat administration, led by the class-conscious President, has made “income inequality” an integral part of the political dialogue for the past five years. They carefully avoid mentioning the increase in government dependence, increasing regulation, decrease in the standard of living, increase in “government workers”, and etc. Redistribution is the key to future happiness. Since the government can redistribute, but not produce, they are playing to their strength to the detriment of we producers. Naturally, they’re wrong because all of these policies are reducing production. They don’t realize that one can feast on a corpse but once. Better to be leeches and keep the host alive, but with much reduced vitality. One could call politicians stupid, but that’s an insult to the word.

It’s Not Capitalism but its Absence is Causing Wealth Inequality
John Risselada

Today from the president, we heard the usual diatribe of class warfare that generally flows from his mouth whenever he’s in political trouble. Folks, he is in serious trouble and class envy is all this community organizer has left to ferment.  Instead of rising to the level of being an actual human being with feelings and integrity; he drops to the lowest level he knows and blames America and her people for the widening gap of “wealth inequality,” which by the way he created.  Instead of showing us the compassion he and all the other America hating liberals supposedly have by trying to sympathize with those suffering from his insufficiencies, he brushes aside the Obamacare failure as if we should be happy he ruined our lives and moves on to the next lie. At some point you would think if a man is really concerned about people obtaining affordable health care they would acknowledge their failure and try again.  Not President Obama, he is the only person I know that takes responsibility for nothing and gets away with everything.

The next lie that the president moved onto was the anti capitalism, America suppresses the poor through unequal wealth distribution whopper, he tells so well. People, thanks to the socialist education system influencing the mushy matter in their brain housing groups, actually believe this too. Teaching that America is an oppressive “Meritocracy,” our colleges and high schools have kids begging for their own demise by teaching them it is the government’s job to redistribute wealth.  Through the destruction of faith and morality, the teaching of fairness and Darwinism, having an ability that someone else does not have has become the new tyranny; according to the left.  Even the new pope has recently referred to capitalism as tyranny. That is a scary thought when a man of God moves to suppress freewill.

That’s what so many people don’t understand. Obama’s relentless attacks on capitalism and free enterprise are a direct assault on mans freewill. Look, to be honest with you I am so poor that I could be one of these Obamatons screaming for the destruction of America’s economic system. I just happen to know better because I have invested a lot of time coming to understand the roots of a liberals rage. I have come to understand the origins of their ideas and they are deeply flawed.  America did not become the greatest, wealthiest country on the planet because we had the greediest money hungry people living here. No, we became the world’s greatest super power because the country was founded on the idea of people being free to…wait for it. Live according to their freewill, and because our nation was founded on Biblical morality, which also drives a liberal to a screaming fit, we focused our freewill on making a living for ourselves, and by doing so the opportunity for others to do the same was naturally created through, hold on now, supply and demand economics. What a concept.

The liberals believe that this “meritocracy” is an unfair and evil place and that someone needs to be responsible for “leveling the playing field,” to use their own words. By doing so however you are actually reducing a man’s, or women’s (for all my lady readers)ability to care for themselves, which in turn, if you are a small business owner, you are losing ability to better care for your employees. President Obama and his unconstitutional alphabet agencies, through excessive, over burdening regulations, have suppressed the initiative and ingenuity of those that have the knowledge to create wealth. I mean real wealth, products that people want to buy, not printed paper. These products then become popular enough to create a demand for more of them, thus, creating A NEW JOB!  Does anybody understand this anymore? Furthermore, does anybody understand that it is these unnecessary regulations that are preventing free enterprise from taking place which are causing this widening gap of “wealth inequality?” I think under Obama the rich have become a great deal richer and the poor have become more dependent on food stamps.

Now, by targeting the minimum wage, President Obama is once again conning people to get angry and move against their own best interest by ensuring that employers can’t afford to pay them anything. Some will argue that small business owner hoard all their wealth, and they can afford to pay all of their employee’s more than minimum wage. This may be the case in some instances but for the most part it isn’t true. Small business owners struggle with keeping their business’s open and their profits only come once their bills are paid, and those bills include payroll. Perhaps if our colleges and other institutions of indoctrination would drop their hopes of utopia and stop referring to America as an oppressive meritocracy, people would remember that a minimum wage job is just a beginning and that there are other opportunities for those with the drive to pursue them. Besides, if there is no incentive, like the reward of profit for starting a business, would we have any of the products that make life easier today?

In essence it isn’t capitalism but the absence of that is causing this wealth inequality. If people came to understand this then the democrats would be in a lot more trouble than they are now. That’s why they took control of education people.


     Government employees who teach in school can only teach the rules of the world in which they live and producing useful things that others will purchase is not one of the things government can do. Thus, what is taught in school tends to be nonsense and leech-like.

Cheerio and ttfn,
Grant Coulson
Cui Bono–Cherchez les Contingencies


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