I Can’t Get Fired—I’m A Civil Servant


   Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.

     For many years, I’ve been saying that  civil service jobs are  forever unless you’re caught with pornography or drugs. Apparently I was wrong. Pornography and non-performance are OK. I always knew non-performance was alright, but this is a revelation.

The civil service’s right to porn

Kelly McParland  January 2, 2011 – 1:34 pm

There’s no point commenting on the lunacy of this situation, since it’s pretty self-evident. But it does raise one question:  If a public employee can spend five hours a day using government facilities to read porn and send off naked photos of himself, and not be fired when he gets caught, what’s the point of having workplace regulations at all? And what deterrent is there to other civil servants if they know they can similarly spend their days surfing porn sites, and still hang onto their job?

    A federal government employee who spent as much as five hours a day searching pornographic personal ads on his office computer and sending naked photos of himself from his work email has kept his job.

    The Canadian Border Services Agency has conducted an investigation into allegations an employee in its national headquarters in Ottawa was reading and responding to sexually explicit ads on Craigslist, Kijiji and other sites while at work. The department was tipped off in January by a member of the public who thought it inappropriate to use a government email address to respond to personal ads.

    The professional standards investigation revealed the unidentified employee spent 176 hours–about 4½work weeks –on the Internet over a three-month period.

    A search of his CBSA email account found he had used it to send and receive explicit descriptions and photos, including pictures of genitalia and sex acts.

    “He exchanges emails with interested parties and gives detailed descriptions of himself, including his sexual organs,” the investigation report says. “He speaks of his sexual preferences and comments on explicit photographs of sexual acts sent to him by people responding to his ad.”

    The employee will also “forward to interested parties naked photos of himself (head excluded). These pictures are extremely explicit and inappropriate.”

    The numerous hours spent on the Internet every day affects his work, the report concludes. Investigators said that the employee had breached the agency’s policy on the use of electronic resources.


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